About the plugin

This plugin was created with developers in mind, so every setting can be set by a filter or if you like it simple, you can set these settings through an admin panel.

Most plugins I encountered either simply didn't have enough options/settings to do whatever I needed to do, they didn't have enough 'developer hooks' available, or they charged an extra fee for modules.

I am a developer myself, so I thought I build a plugin, with developers in mind, instead of 'the regular WordPress user'.

Of course the regular user can use this plugin as well, but if you know your way around hooks and filters you have a slight advantage since there are a few functions which are only available through filters (for now).

I started with a simple login/registration form. Then I got the request from one of my clients to provide them with a user management 'procedure'. I added that to the plugin I had and from there it went further and further, till where it's at now.

And I plan to even expand it a lot more, so stay tuned !

I hope you enjoy it...

Beee (plugin author)