Localhost development

If you're a developer, you are probably developing your site locally. The we have some good news for you. We have thought of that. While developing the plugin, we had to test each function over and over again.

To save some time, we embedded a few functions which makes it easier to register a new user to test the email response(s).

Add the following line to your wp-config.php:

define( 'LOCALHOST', true )

Since version 3.4.0 you can also use a var in your .env file.


With this settings you have a new dashboard widget and some values are pre-filled on the registration form. This speeds up the process of repeatedly entering the registration form.

As you might have seen the email address is a bogus one. That is because I am developing locally with the use of Mailhog, which 'hogs' all your mail for you to analyze in an admin panel, so it doesn't matter what email address you enter. Nothing gets sent.

We have added 2 filters so you can override these values.
These are b3_localhost_username() and b3_localhost_email().

If you have this localhost setting active, then a new folder will (automatically) be included for easy testing. This is the examples folder which contains (almost) all filters with a simple output so you can easily test.