This page shows some of the features, which are available with the plugin, but probably not all yet.

General features

  • style your email templates the way you want
  • style default WordPress pages
  • option to disable WordPress' own pages
  • option to remove the WordPress admin bar for users who don't have admin access
  • option to delete user account (through non WP forms)
  • option to add a user widget

Registration form features

  • design your own registration template or use our default registration page template and customize it with settings
  • option to register with just an email address
  • option to add first/last name fields to registration form
  • option to add a several custom fields to registration form
    • text
    • textarea
    • number
    • url
    • radio
    • checkbox
    • select
  • option to add a privacy box + custom text
  • option to add reCaptcha

Email features

  • set the subject/content of each email sent out by WordPress
  • option to add/remove logo from email header
  • option to disable admin notification after user registration
  • option to disable admin notification after user password change

Misc features

  • verification for all custom filter output

Developer features

  • a constant for local development, which 'unlocks' testing/development options
  • a debug dashboard widget for quick access to email previews